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Edition 09

EMIssue09JayFisetCheck out Edition 09 of ExpertPreneur® Magazine

In this edition you’ll learn how to add six figures to your bottom line by hosting your own Mastermind Group. Jay Fiset unveils how easy it is to put together a Mastermind Group that produces impactful results for participants while creating a lucrative income stream for any ‘expert’ business.

Uncover helpful tools, tips, and techniques to get your book done to increase your visibility and reach.

You’ll also learn how to increase sales by understanding where your prospects are in their buyer’s journey; how to get them on your train with a clear elevator pitch; and use pain and pleasure to paint a picture of where your prospect are now compared to the destination they can go to with your help.

Check out our tips, techniques, articles and podcasts that will help you to create an influential brand and a lucrative “expert” business.


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