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Edition 08

EMIssue08JaneDueberCheck out Edition 08 of ExpertPreneur® Magazine

In this edition you’ll discover the revolutionary new way of selling. Whether you’ve never picked up the phone to have a one on one sales conversation or have been at it for years and are looking to improve your results, the information in this edition will forever change the way you approach the sales conversation.

Also in this edition learn how to simplify things for maximum profit; learn tactics to reach decisions quickly; and how to get clarity on your business destination to truly fulfill your vision and mission and have the impact you desire.

You’ll also get tips on how to spice up your stories to connect with prospects and how to understand where prospects are in their buyer’s journey. Discover the two essential pieces most businesses are missing that holds them back from seeing success.

Check out our tips, techniques, articles and podcasts that will help you to create an influential brand and a lucrative “expert” business.


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